Synonyms and related words:
aberrance, aberrancy, aberration, abnormality, abnormity, about-face, accommodation, adaptation, adjustment, aesthetic distance, alienation, alteration, amelioration, amorphism, anomalism, anomalousness, anomaly, antagonism, apostasy, argumentation, attenuation, bad copy, bad likeness, bend, betterment, bias, branching off, breach, breach of friendship, break, broadcast, broadcasting, camouflage, capriciousness, change, change of heart, changeability, changeableness, choppiness, circuitousness, circumfusion, clashing, clearance, cleavage, cleft, compass, conceit, conflict, constructive change, continuity, contradiction, contrariety, contrast, controversy, conversion, corner, crackpotism, crank, crankiness, crankism, crook, crosswiseness, crotchet, crotchetiness, curve, dappleness, declination, deep space, defection, deflection, deflexure, degeneration, degenerative change, departure, depths of space, derangement, deterioration, detour, deviance, deviancy, deviation, deviousness, diagonality, difference, differentiation, differentness, differing, diffraction, diffusion, digression, dilution, disaccord, disaccordance, disaffection, disagreeing, disagreement, disconformity, discongruity, discontinuity, discord, discordance, discordancy, discrepancy, discreteness, discursion, disfavor, disguise, disharmony, disorder, disparity, dispensation, dispersal, dispersion, disruption, dissemblance, dissemination, dissension, dissent, dissidence, dissimilarity, dissimilation, dissimilitude, dissipation, dissonance, distance, distinction, distinctness, distribution, disunion, disunity, divagation, divarication, divergency, diversification, diversion, diversity, dividedness, division, dogleg, dottiness, double, drift, drifting, eccentricity, errantry, erraticism, erraticness, estrangement, evaporation, excursion, excursus, exorbitation, expansion, extent, faction, falling-out, far cry, farness, fitting, flip-flop, fragmentation, freakiness, freakishness, gradual change, hairpin, heterogeneity, heteromorphism, idiocrasy, idiosyncrasy, improvement, inaccordance, incommensurability, incomparability, incompatibility, incongruity, inconsistency, inconsonance, inconstancy, indirection, indirectness, inequality, inferiority, infinity, inharmoniousness, inharmony, instability, irreconcilability, irregularity, jarring, jerkiness, kink, leeway, length, light-years, makeup, mannerism, margin, melioration, mercuriality, mere caricature, mileage, mitigation, mixture, modification, modulation, monstrosity, motleyness, mutability, negation, nonconformism, nonconformity, nonstandardization, nonuniformity, obliqueness, obliquity, oddity, odds, open rupture, opposition, oppugnancy, otherness, overthrow, parsecs, parting, peculiarity, peppering, pererration, perspective, piece, pluralism, poor imitation, propagation, publication, qualification, queerness, quip, quirk, quirkiness, radiation, radical change, raggedness, rambling, range, re-creation, reach, realignment, recall of ambassadors, redesign, reform, reformation, remaking, remoteness, renewal, repugnance, reshaping, restructuring, reversal, revival, revivification, revolution, rift, rupture, scattering, scatterment, schism, separateness, separation, sheer, shift, shifting, shifting course, shifting path, shotgun pattern, singularity, skew, skewness, slant, sowing, space, span, spattering, splay, split, spread, spreading, sprinkling, squint, strangeness, straying, stretch, strewing, stride, subnormality, sudden change, superiority, sweep, swerve, swerving, swinging, switch, tack, teratism, total change, transition, transverseness, trick, turn, turnabout, turning, twist, unconformism, unconformity, unconventionality, unevenness, unharmoniousness, unlikeness, unnaturalism, unnaturalness, unorthodoxy, unresemblance, unsameness, unsimilarity, unsteadiness, upheaval, vagary, variability, variance, variation, variegation, variety, variousness, varying, veer, versatility, violent change, volatilization, wandering, warp, wavering, way, ways, whim, whimsicality, whimsy, worsening, yaw, zigzag

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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